What Is Horse Yoga?

Horse (Equine) Yoga is practicing asana (physical yoga postures) both on the ground as well as atop horses. It always begins with a connection period on the ground. From there, it builds a partnership between human and horse. Horses are prey animals, meaning their very survival depends on them living in the present moment. Practicing asanas in this heightened awareness environment translates into a quieter mind as you connect to your partner. Like any prey animal, horses mirror back whatever energy they are receiving. If you are agitated, the horse will move around. As you bring yourself into the moment, the horse settles down with you. It is only then that physical practice should be considered. Please note, the horse has the right to not want to practice at any time. We never force our horses, they are always willing participants with the choice to opt out.

Contact Us

PHONE: 248.491.8565 (Bent Yoga Studio)

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Occasionally we offer classes open to the public. However, most of our classes are private and set up directly with barns or organizations with access to their own horses. Want to bring us into your facility? Fill out the form to the left and we will be in touch!

We offer:

  • One time workshops (mainly groundwork)
  • Workshop series (to work your way up to more intense postures)
  • Regularly scheduled drop-in classes
  • Equestrian-only yoga (no horses, focus on physical postures that aid riders)
  • Equine Guided Learning (EGL – learn more here)

Choose from our proven workshops or let us tailor something to your needs!